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Spike Tape Bill of Rights
  1. No member of a production may be required to stay past midnight, and they may not face repercussions for leaving at midnight

  2. No actor may be asked to to attend more than 10 hours of rehearsal in one week (except for tech week)

  3. Within a single day, tech rehearsals may not be scheduled for more than a 12 hour period, and within that period, every member of the production must be given at least 2 one-hour breaks

  4. If a rehearsal is scheduled for over 5 hours, every member of the production must be given at least 60 minutes of break 

  5. Actors cannot be expected to attend a rehearsal if they are given less than 48 hours notice.

  6. If there is potentially triggering material (e.g. depictions of abuse, self harm, usage of slurs or racially/sexually charged language) within a production, the directors must discuss with the liaison how they wish to handle it. Before it can be staged, the liaison will hold a confidential vote where the cast must unanimously decide to include the material.

  7. No actor may be pressured to perform intimacy choreography or appear onstage undressed. If they previously agreed to do so, they may withdraw consent at any time. If a director intends for a role to involve significant intimacy, they must clearly state so in the audition information and actor contract.

  8. Any show that involves complex physical movement/contact must have a fight and/or intimacy call before every run.

  9. An actor or crew member may permanently leave a production at any time, but you are obligated to provide sufficient notice to the direction team so that they may appropriately replace your role. If you are not comfortable speaking with the direction team, you may also inform the liaison who can communicate on your behalf.

  10. All actors and crew members are permitted to step out of rehearsals to take necessary breaks to use the bathroom, drink water, or take some mental space.

  11. In the event that the DSM team intends to remove someone from a production team, the liaison must be consulted to ensure proper procedures are followed in the process.

  12. No actor may be forcibly removed from a Spike Tape production on the basis of physical and mental health or ability. Actors have the right to either remain in a production or remove themselves from a production if they feel that their physical and/or mental health and ability inhibits their participation in said production.

  13. All members of the production are entitled to voice any concerns to the liaison without fear of repercussions. The liaison will respect confidentiality and not take any action without explicit permission from that member. If they do not feel safe in rehearsals, they may ask for the liaison to pause the rehearsal process until the situation is resolved.

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