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Well-Being Board

The Well-Being Board is a collective of liaisons, who serve the Spike Tape community by ensuring the comfort and safety of all members. As one of the newer units of the club, the Well-Being Board is still actively developing what its role looks like. Currently, it functions by each liaison being assigned to a show(s) that they are not otherwise involved with to any capacity, so that they can provide fair and objective counsel in the interest of supporting production members’ wellness. All Spike Tape members have access to the Well-Being Board and are entitled to request a meeting with any (or all) liaison(s), who will provide support and protect confidentiality. For any other concerns regarding well-being that are not specific to a production but are still in relation to Spike Tape, please reach out to Sarah Linsly.

Liaisons attend “benchmark” meetings of their assigned production(s), including but not limited to the 1st production meeting, the 1st rehearsal, and the start of tech week. Other liaison duties are hosting the postmortem for their production(s) and investigating and possibly taking action on complaints provided by production members, in which someone’s comfort and/or safety has been compromised.


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