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Reading Series

2/20 — "Constellations"

Pilot by Ryan Natcharian '23

8 or 9 parts, 1 hour 

2/27 — "Thin Ties"

by Jacob Silberman-Baron '25

5 parts, 90 minutes

3/6 — "Sugar High"

by Leila Mujic '24

8 parts, 2 hours + intermission 

3/30 (Thurs) — "Con Air: A Stage Play"

by Casey Epstein-Gross '25

3 parts, 2 hours + intermission

4/3 — Untitled Screenplay

by Andres Angeles-Paredes '24

2 parts, 12 minutes 


Submit a play here

Interest form for Actors and Directors here

  • A series of 5-10 plays by Wesleyan students to be given a staged reading with other students acting and directing the pieces. There will be a short rehearsal period (no more than a week and a half, depending on availability) and opportunities for feedback for the writer. 

  • Each week with a play scheduled will have a few hours of rehearsal and then a performance at the same time and place each week. 

  • Writers with completed drafts of a play that is 10 minutes or longer (it may have an intermission) 

    • Commitment: You only have to get any edits in on time, have at least one meeting with your assigned director before the rehearsal period, and attend your performance where you will receive feedback. You are welcome, but not required, to direct or act in someone else's piece. 

  • Directors who would like to try their hand at low stakes direction. They will work closely with the writer to better understand the work and then to help develop the story with the actors.

    • Commitment: You will meet with your assigned writer to get a better understanding of their script and what they will be looking for in the process, you will also have at least three hours of rehearsal (if scheduling allows you may have as many rehearsals as you want) with your actors before the performance to help guide their understanding of the piece, and then you will come to the performance. 

  • Actors who would like to do low stakes acting without memorization and who would like to participate in the development of new works

    • Commitment: You will sign up for a play at the beginning of the semester making sure to pay attention to when you are free. You may do more than one play if your schedule allows. 

  • Writers will submit their plays before January 30th (the earlier the better) and if the play is accepted they may be asked to do minor edits.

    • Writers submitting a draft are not guaranteed a spot and coordinators have the right to ask for edits for either length or content. However we will do our best to allow as many writers as possible to participate and preserve your artistic vision. 

    • This is a workshop so we understand that none of these plays are done, but we will ask for a certain level of finish to be considered. (i.e. the play must have a beginning, middle, and end, and be comprehensible to our readers)

  • Directors will sign up to direct their plays at the start of the semester. 

  • Actors will sign up to act in their plays at the start of the semester, no auditions required. They must be available only for the week that they have signed up for but they must commit to that week. They will then be cast by the directors within the play they are assigned to.

  • The week before your performance the actors and their director will find a time to meet and rehearse for at least three hours. They can have as much or as little contact with the writer as they want. 

  • After the performance there will be a talkback for the writer to get feedback and a google form will be made available for any more lengthy comments.

Any Questions? Please contact,, or

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